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The Spotlight Magazines are Southwest Florida’s premiere news magazines. We publish the Naples Spotlight, the Bonita Springs Spotlight and the Estero Spotlight News Magazines. We have the largest independently audited circulation in the North Naples, Bonita Springs and Estero area.

When we started the Spotlight Magazines in the fall of 2010 we set out to bring quality journalism back to Southwest Florida. Many people told us we were crazy to start the Spotlight in an area saturated with other publications. We told those people the Spotlight isn’t just any other publication. It’s different. It’s unique. Our editorial content and our distribution methods are what make it unique.

All our articles are original. When you turn our pages and read our website, you read articles you won’t see anywhere else. You will learn something every time you pick up a copy of the Spotlight. We take great pride in our in-depth reporting and our commitment to our local communities. Unlike most other publications, our content is not written by the Associated Press, syndicated columnists, or PR agents. We take a much different approach.

Since the first issue of the Spotlight, we’ve more than quadrupled our circulation to 52,000 copies. We direct-mail 66 percent of those copies to every household in 41 of the Southwest Florida’s finest gated communities. Copies are also available at more than 150 locations throughout Southwest Florida. Please go to,, or and click on the “Pick Up A Copy” link to find the Spotlight. The Spotlight Magazines are published 18 times each year; twice-a-month November through April, and monthly May through October.

Our unique distribution methods, combined with our unique editorial content are what make the Spotlight Magazines standout. This has made advertising in the Spotlight a great investment for local businesses.

The Spotlight Magazines are always adding new columns and features. Please contact me at with any suggestions.


Peter A. O’Flinn


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